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I.D. by Cora, founded by Cora Pederson, is a full-service interior design firm located in Ventura, California with a focus on providing exceptional design services. I.D. by Cora caters to clients throughout California, offering a range of services including interior design, interior architecture, and furniture design.


The firm is dedicated to bringing clients' visions to life, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. Their expertise and passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces are evident in all of their projects. 


Whether it's a residential or commercial project, I.D. by Cora approaches each design with creativity, intentionality, and a focus on Californian living. The firm's portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects that reflect Cora's unique design aesthetic and dedication to creating spaces that inspire and elevate.






Cora's design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, with a focus on bringing the outdoors in. Her love for nature and the Californian lifestyle is evident in her work, which often features natural materials, earthy tones, and an abundance of natural light.


When she's not working, Cora enjoys spending time with her family outdoors. Hiking is a favorite pastime, as it allows her to clear her mind and connect with nature. She finds inspiration in the beauty of the natural world, which often translates into her design work.


Cora is known for her creativity, warmth, and commitment to creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but also truly bespoke.



Taylor comes from a medical and hospitality background.  He worked as an Architect and Medical Planner designing medical and hospitality projects in the U.S. for sixteen years with NBBJ.  During that time, he volunteered his time and expertise designing medical facility projects in West Africa and Guatemala.  This fueled his passion for working in less developed countries and he dedicated four years of his life designing, building, and working alongside local communities in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Ethiopia, much of that time with his physician wife and their three boys. 


Taylor now directs his passion and experience towards residential projects in his hometown of Ventura.  His leadership, professionalism, and mastery of his craft bring excellence to his project teams.  When he is not working, Taylor can be found enjoying the outdoors with his family.

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