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Founded by Cora Pederson, I.D. by Cora is a full service boutique interior design firm based in Ventura, California.  With over ten years of experience in construction design, we serve a wide range of client needs, from interior design for renovations, new construction to furniture design and layout.  With the option of an in-house architect, we offer a wide range of skill sets to any project we touch.  


At I.D. by Cora, design is our passion and collaboration is key.  We have fun and we love what we do!  We love getting to know our clients and giving them the best design possible based upon their needs and personal design preferences.  We implement our tried and true eight step design process that takes the guesswork and stress out of the equation, creating a collaborative and streamline experience for our clients.  Our mantra is function, comfort, and beauty.  We create beautifully intentional interiors.  






Design has always been important to Cora.  In high school, she decided that her hand-me-down desk wasn't quite up to par, so she rummaged through some spare boards from her dad, who is a journeyman  carpenter.  She cut, sanded, and stained the boards.  The final product was a Craftsman-style desk that her sister used in her home up until her adult years.  It didn't occur to Cora until much later in life that her peers were not designing and creating their own furniture in high school.


Later, while studying art history at Pepperdine University and living abroad in Italy, Cora received an education for her appreciation for beautiful things.  However, it wasn't until buying and remodeling her first home, a 1957 fixer upper, that she realized that she had a passion (bordering on obsession!) for all things design.  She took the neglected home and breathed new life into it, realizing along the way how fulfilled she was by the process. Soon her neighbors, family, and friends approached her for design advice and construction knowledge.  Through word of mouth, she built a clientele.  She decided that it was time to follow her bliss and open I.D. by Cora.


Since opening I.D. by Cora,  Cora has had a diversity of design experiences, including a Smart Home in Napa featured in This Old House (link below), commercial industrial design, a country club remodel, complete remodels and a historic home that was lost during the devastating Thomas Fire in the Ondulando neighborhood of Ventura.  


When not designing homes, Cora enjoys spending time with her family, sipping cold brew coffee, traveling, and walking her two dogs.



Taylor comes from a medical and hospitality background.  He worked as an Architect and Medical Planner designing medical and hospitality projects in the U.S. for sixteen years with NBBJ.  During that time, he volunteered his time and expertise designing medical facility projects in West Africa and Guatemala.  This fueled his passion for working in less developed countries and he dedicated four years of his life designing, building, and working alongside local communities in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Ethiopia, much of that time with his physician wife and their three boys. 


Taylor now directs his passion and experience towards residential projects in his hometown of Ventura.  His leadership, professionalism, and mastery of his craft bring excellence to his project teams.  When he is not working, Taylor can be found enjoying the outdoors with his family.

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